Low maintenance – due to the colours being infused in the sleeper using Oxides the sleeper will not fade over time, removing the need to paint or restain. Additionally concrete will outlast timber sleepers typically 2 to 1 – this means your installation will look as good as new for years to come.

Colour Options – you can choose from a wide range of colours to suit your landscaping theme.

Moulded profile – the sleeper is poured using a special mould to give it either a timber look or multiple other options will be coming on stream. Blocks, slate profile or you may just want a plain coloured look.

Easy installation – please refer to our installation guide for further detail however once the galvinised steel posts are concreted into the ground the Concrete sleepers slide in with no nailing, staining or further work required.

Soundproofing – concrete offers fantastic soundproofing to esnure that you can enjoy your garden in peace and quiet with it looking great.

Competitive pricing – concrete sleepers are very competitively priced vs traditional wooden sleepers – design your layout using the easy form and then send this to us for a quote.